AMT – Active Myofacial Therapy

Active Myofacial Therapy is not a traditional, passive massage, it is a session where you are an active participant as your muscles are worked. This makes the therapy faster, more effective, with longer lasting results.

Have you ever laid on a massage table, the entire hour hoping for relief from a painful area, only to get up and have the same continual muscular pain? Painful points can last weeks, months, even years. There are specific techniques that can alleviate issues of pain, limited range of motion, and other musculoskeletal ailments.

For your first session choose one area of concern, and we’ll work with it, targeting the specific areas of pain and dysfunction to bring you relief.

After your first session we have a complimentary app that will show you exercises you can do to further your progress by strengthening the musculature worked as well.

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