Spa a la carte

Our spa modalities are full body experiences.
This is our a la carte selection of therapeutics.

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BodyWraps, Scrubs, & More

Our current body treatments below are well suited to relax and rejuvenate. They may be selected as a treatment alone or along with our Jade & Tourmaline bodywrap system.


Jade & Tourmaline Bian Stones Bodywrap System – Consistent heat with Far Infrared Therapy reduces joint pain and stiffness, increases blood flow, supports bone recovery, and increases range of motion

  • Muscular Recovery Wrap – Willow, Arnica, and other specific therapeutics are massaged into your musculature in lymphatic directions, then you are wrapped and warmed to help relieve pain and promote muscle recovery.
  • Hydrating Aromatic Moisture Wrap – Using Carrot Seed and other oils specific to tissue recovery, this treatment leaves your skin hydrated and feeling flexible and soft.

Body Treatments

Our Body Treatments are designed to be added to the Jade & Tourmaline BodyWrap above. They work well as stand alone treatments as well. When you schedule your treatment, make sure to add the BodyWrap if you want your Body Treatment to be wrapped with heat.

  • Coffee Sugar Scrub – Coffee, rich in antioxidants, is an amazing anti-inflammatory force. We blend it with organic sugar and raw, organic coconut oil to make a moisture rich treatment that increases circulation, encourages circulation, tightens skin, and gives it a firmer, and younger looking appearance.
  • Himalayan Salt Scrub – With 84 trace minerals, Himalayan Salt helps balance your body’s pH, reduces the signs of aging, & improves sleep. Shluf off the dead, dry skin and enjoy smoother skin and relaxed muscles.

We recommend that you do not shave 24 – 48 hours before your treatment.

If you see a 15 minute time gab between heat wrap and body treatment, both will be provided together with no time gap.


Full Body Cupping Treatment – Excellent for getting the blood flowing, to unstick stiff and sore areas, increase the overall range of motion, and help you feel loose and free. This therapy can be adapted to focused work upper body or lower body as well.

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